Young Athletes
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Young Athletes
Is your son or daughter a high-achieving high school or college athlete? Is their intense passion for their sport accompanied by self-stressing behaviors like these below?
  • They lose sleep over an upcoming event or competition.
  • They dwell on mistakes or losses while minimizing gains or wins.
  • They set impossibly high standards for improvement or performance.
  • They express their sports-related frustrations through irritability or impatience.
  • They experience a plunge in mood or self-esteem following a loss or setback.
Hello, I'm Lynda Lahman, a mental skills coach based for athletes in the Seattle, Washington area.

If these patterns seem all too familiar, help your child master the mental game of sport through mental skills coaching for athletes.

My unique approach to coaching.
My unique approach to mental skills coaching is based on what I've learned from 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist, over nine years experience coaching athletes, and a lifetime of experience as an athlete myself. (Bio)
  • I begin by exploring what motivates your child's drive for athletic excellence. When young people are clear about their own personal values, they are far better able to enjoy and celebrate their successes with the adults who support them.
  • Next, I help your child establish goals and create a realistic action plan. As they learn to work toward incremental gains, rather than dwelling on the all-or-nothing win, they begin to appreciate the actual experience of their sport.
  • I teach your child a variety of proven-effective mental game techniques: visualization, mental rehearsal, centering phrases or actions, and more. The one I emphasize above all others: mindfulness, the ability to stay present in the moment. It is the single most important skill an athlete can possess.
What can your young athlete hope to gain from the coaching?
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem, not just on the playing field, but everywhere.
  • Greater composure and focus, especially under stressful or adverse conditions.
  • Skills for handling challenges in all other aspects of their lives.
  • A renewed passion for and greater pleasure in their sport.

Learn more.
Call or email me to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

Lynda Lahman
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