"After searching for two years for someone to help me with the emotional and mental part of [equestrian] competing, something wonderful happened: I met Lynda. We started working together in weekly web meetings. She was insightful, non-judgmental, and excellent at offering up suggestions while helping me to trust more in myself and my abilities. She has encouraged me to do things that I have previously been afraid to try. Just last week I jumped my first 1.55-meter (5'1") fences and was calm and focused during the training exercises. I am enjoying riding and jumping horses more than I ever have before. In the past I had a sense of dread about moving up a level or competing against many of world's most accomplished riders. Now I am excited about next season and far more open to whatever challenges await me in the show ring and in training the horses here at home. I know I still have a lot of work to do but now I am not alone! Thank you, Lynda, for your humor, insight and guidance!"

-- Heidi Poinsett
Trainer/Owner, Stoneybrook Farm
Dayton, OH

"I'm an serious competitive golfer, but no matter how hard I work to get ready for my tournaments, things like injuries, difficult course conditions, or just life itself can get in the way. Coaching with Lynda has given me a broad range of tools to deal with these distractions. She has taught me how to stay focused in the moment, what to do when negative thoughts arise, how to proceed when the conditions clearly favor the other person, and a lot more. Her background as both an athlete and a therapist is ideal. We truly work as a team to help me reach my personal goals."

-- D.L.S

"I started seeing Lynda to work through my fears of leading on rock or ice. I couldn't stop thinking about the consequences of a fall while on what we call "the sharp end", which is obviously rational and healthy to some extent, but not if it makes you paralyzed with terror. I would have dry mouth, stomach ache, shaking legs and obsessively yelling thoughts, then I would put myself down for feeling scared. I had tried many ways to cope with these feelings, but none were as effective as what I learned from Lynda. The biggest lesson I learned from her was how to make peace with that part of me that is terrified, critical and fundamentally unhelpful, rather than try to fight it or force it away. I cannot say that I don't still struggle with raw fear, self judgment, and concern about external approval – but I can say that is significantly better (progress not perfection), and this is due in good measure to the techniques and perspective I learned from Lynda. I would be happy to endorse or refer her to anyone."

-- P.L.

"I came to Lynda to help me work through my fear of riding after falling from a horse several years ago. I found myself worrying about getting injured every time I rode. Lynda gave me tools for working with the fear and after only three sessions, my confidence and love of riding returned. In fact, I rarely have that fear pop up, and when it does, I know how to work with it. What I think really helped most is that Lynda's approach doesn't focus on working to "get rid of" or push something away. It enables a space for allowing the fear to be there, but not govern the present or future. What started out as a goal to "fix" my fear of riding has now opened me up to approaching my entire life in a different way with more confidence, joy, and optimism."

-- P.K.

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