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Want to give your high school or college sports team, or your adult athletic group, a mental edge in competition? Invite me in to conduct a mental skills coaching clinic.

Hello, I'm Lynda Lahman, a mental skills coach for athletes based in the Seattle, Washington area.

Since 2004, I've spent thousands of hours helping athletes of all ages and backgrounds overcome these types of sports challenges:
  • Feeling nervous, anxious or sick prior to an event.
  • Playing less skillfully in front of audiences than during practice.
  • Dwelling on past mistakes, reliving over and over what went wrong.
  • Holding oneself to impossible standards of performance or improvement.
  • Getting carried away by negative emotions and losing the ability to focus.
  • Becoming distracted by noise, crowds, adverse weather, or pain.
  • Worrying about injuring or reinjuring oneself during play.
  • Losing enthusiasm or motivation for the game.
My coaching style.
I emphasize the MAC approach to the mental side of sport–Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment–as originated by Frank L. Gardner and Zella E. Moore and used with major league sports teams and Olympic athletes.

The gist of the MAC approach is this:
Teaching athletes to control, ignore, deny, or override internal experiences such as fear, anxiety, or distractedness does not help them perform more effectively.

Teaching them to be mindful of what they are experiencing in the moment, to accept their feelings without judgment, and to play according to their core values as an individual and as a member of a team, does.
In short: "Mindfulness practice promotes mindful responding as opposed to mindless reacting to life events."

I use the MAC approach and mindfulness practice with my private coaching clients, as well. No matter what type of sport the your team may be into-tennis, golf, running, swimming, climbing, equestrian, you name it–it truly works.

Attainable gains.
When athletes apply the lessons and techniques they learn in my clinics, they invariably achieve the following gains:
  • Greater self-confidence on the playing field.
  • Increased ability to focus, remain composed, and compete in the moment.
  • Greater skillfulness at visualizing or mentally rehearsing next best moves.
  • No longer obsessing about injuring or reinjuring themselves.
  • Increased ability to quickly bounce back from errors or losses.
  • Newfound enthusiasm and passion for the game.
  • Improved teamwork and cohesion.
My clinics.
I can teach a mental skills coaching clinic virtually anywhere you gather your group. Each clinic generally runs from one to 14 hours, and can be conducted over one to seven days. The cost depends on the number of individuals enrolled, which generally ranges from three to 20 persons.

If you need help developing a letter or flyer to promote the clinic, just let me know. I'll be glad to provide you with a content outline of the clinic you plan to schedule.

Lynda Lahman
(425) 761-7715
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