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If you're coming to me for coaching for the first time, please download and complete the two short forms to the left in the format of your choice, Word or PDF. If we're going to meet in person, you can bring them to your first appointment; or, if we're going to be working over the phone, you can mail them to me.

What will our coaching sessions be like?
In the first session, we focus on your goals and challenges: why you play, what you like about your game, what it means to you, whom you're playing for, what's getting in the way of playing the way you want, what your game would look like if those problems didn't exist.

I'll ask what solutions you've tried in the past, and which were useful and which were not. I may invite you to write a statement of what you really want to accomplish, or how you'd like other people to describe the way you approached your game.

Out of your goals and values, we then develop an action plan that will serve as the foundation of all future sessions and e-mails. Everything we do, whether it's working on visualization or mental rehearsal, developing a centering phrase or action, or practicing mindfulness, is ultimately geared toward helping you stay true to your objectives.

Is the coaching covered by insurance?
In most cases, no. Please refer to the Policies & Disclosures form for more information about payments.
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