Mission, Values, Philosophy
My mission is to share the joy of "winner's mind." Nothing is more satisfying to an athlete than experiencing perfect synergy between the mind and body. It's ultimately what makes any sport worth playing.

Integrity, personal responsibility, mindfulness, work ethic, striving for excellence.

Coaching Philosophy
I'm a behaviorist. I don't waste time dwelling on the past, analyzing mistakes, or fighting negative thoughts or emotions. I teach what I practice: mindfulness, the ability to stay present in the moment and make decisions from there. Ultimately, it isn't what you think that matters. It's what you do.

My Commitments to my Clients
I will listen to you.
I will provide honest feedback.
I will communicate directly and honestly.
I will make myself available via GoToMeeting, phone and e-mail.
I will help you discover what truly motivates you.
I will help you establish goals based on those values.
I will help you develop an action plan for achieving your goals.
I will teach you proven performance enhancing techniques.
I will serve as someone you can be accountable to.
I will provide a safe environment to take risks.
I will help you find greater joy in your sport.
I will practice with integrity.
The Winner's Mind by Lynda Lahman, MA
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