About Lynda Lahman

About Lynda
I'm a mental skills coach for athletes based in the Seattle, Washington area. Since 2004, I have been helping athletes of all ages and backgrounds–golfers, tennis players, runners, climbers, equestrians, triathletes, long distance motorcyclists, and more–break through all manner of mental barriers to peak performance.

I'm an avid athlete myself.

My personal journey with sports started in elementary school where I played on every after school sport team they offered. As I entered junior high, the options for girl's sports were extremely limited, so I found an outlet for my athletics in the out-of-doors. I spent time backpacking, hiking, climbing and skiing. I returned to competitive tennis later in life, starting out on the lowest level team at my club and working my way up to one of the top teams. I also began running–I have now completed numerous half marathons–and, together with my husband, I competed in long distance endurance motorcycle events as described in my book, Two-Up: Navigating a Relationship 1,000 Miles at a Time.

The long-distance motorcycling has been quite an adventure. In three years, I went from my first short ride on the back of a bike to competing in "The World's Toughest Motorcycle Competition," 11-day, an 11,000 mile endurance scavenger hunt across the entire United States. My training both in running long distances and maintaining mental focus were put to the test in all manner of extremes: bad weather, lack of sleep, recovering from near disasters, and working intensely with my husband and partner on all the planning.

I also have a strong history of backpacking all through and across the Sierra Nevada Mountains in my early years, hiking both for enjoyment and as a form of competitive exercise. I trained for and rode in the two-day, 204-mile Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic; and I've done a fair amount of climbing, skiing and snowshoeing.

I love traveling and the out of doors and I am always seeking adventures that bring me into places I feel most at home.

I guess it runs in the family. My daughter is a competitive equestrian. She rode for her university team and spent a year exercising steeplechase horses in Ireland.

Psychology Background
Though mental skills coaching for athletes is now my central focus, I have also been a practicing psychotherapist (MA, LMFT) for over 30 years. I have spent more than 20,000 hours working with individuals, couples and families in both clinic and private practice settings and with children in schools and residential treatment centers. I am extensively trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as in EMDR, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy.

Sports Psychology Education
I have specialty training in Sports Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. My areas of focus included:
  • Performance Enhancement: Introduction to Sport Psychology
  • Best Practices in Sport Psychology
  • Psychology of Coaching
  • From Trauma to Triumph: EMDR and Advanced Performance Enhancement Strategies
  • Removing Barriers to Leadership: An EMDR Performance Enhancement Program
  • Enhancing Performance: The Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) Approach
  • The Psychology of Injury
  • Sport Medicine
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