How My Coaching Differs
My 30-plus years as a psychotherapist have given me invaluable insights into what motivates people toward success. I've used the best of what I've learned in that practice, along with over nine years experience coaching athletes and a lifetime of experience as an athlete myself, to develop my signature approach to mental skills coaching for athletes.
  • Values-based goal setting: I start by identifying what motivates each of my clients to play their sport. Once I understand their values–what really drives them to play and excel–I then help them put together an action plan that not only reignites but also sustains their passion for their game.
  • Techniques that work: Though they are commonly employed by others, I avoid the use of techniques such as "self talk," "acting as if," reciting affirmations, or dissecting past mistakes, because they simply don't work. If anything, these practices reinforce a sense of inadequacy.
  • The power of presence: I do encourage the use of visualization, mental rehearsal, and other techniques that help produce desired performance. More than anything else, I emphasize the practice of mindfulness. The ability to stay in the now, or compete in the moment, is the single most powerful psychological skill an athlete can possess.
My approach to sports psychology coaching works. Over 50% of the people I work with have been referred by former, satisfied clients. Over 30% of my clients, having taken their sport to the next level, come back to me to take on much bigger challenges.
The Winner's Mind by Lynda Lahman, MA
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