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Are you the type of climber who would benefit from mental skills coaching?

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Are you passionate about climbing, yet realize that you're your own worst enemy when it comes to the mental side of your sport? Take this quiz.

Hello, I'm Lynda Lahman, a mental skills coach for athletes based in the Seattle, Washington area.

If you struggle with self-limiting thoughts and emotions while climbing–perhaps dwelling on a fall, worrying about sheath damage to a top rope, or doubting your next foothold–know this:
You can master the mental game of climbing–and in the process, enjoy the sport more than you ever thought possible.
My unique approach to coaching.
Since 2004, I've been helping athletes of all ages and backgrounds learn to master the mental game of sport. My unique approach is based on what I've learned from 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist, over nine years of experience of coaching athletes, and a lifetime of experience as an athlete myself. (Bio)

Here's what makes my coaching unique:
  • Values-based goal setting: I explore what truly motivates you–what fires you up to push your climbing limits–and help you create an action plan that will fuel that fire and sustain your passion for the sport.
  • Proven techniques: I don't waste time on "self talk," "acting as if," reciting affirmations, or dissecting past mistakes. Those techniques don't work. I show you what does: visualization, mental rehearsal, the use of centering phrases and actions, and more.
  • The power of mindfulness: Above all, I teach you the practice of mindfulness. Once you learn how stay in the now, or "compete in the moment," you own the single most powerful psychological skill an athlete can possess.
Attainable results.
When you apply the lessons and techniques you learn in session, you can look forward to achieving the following gains:
  • Greater self-confidence on the climb.
  • Increased ability to remain composed and focused in the moment.
  • Greater skillfulness at visualizing or mentally rehearsing next best moves.
  • No longer obsessing about injuring or reinjuring yourself.
  • Increased ability to quickly bounce back from errors or losses.
  • Newfound enthusiasm and passion for your sport.
I cite these gains out of experience. Over 50% of the people I work with have been referred to me by former, satisfied clients. Over 30% of my clients, having taken their game to the next level, come back to me to take on much bigger challenges.

Learn more.
Call or email me to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

Lynda Lahman
(425) 761-7715
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