Are you passionate about tennis, yet realize that negative thoughts and emotions often hold you back from playing your best?

Do you...
  • Feel nervous, anxious or sick before a match?
  • Become unnerved by one or more bad shots?
  • Feel self-conscious while playing in front of others?
  • Feel intimidated by an opponent's antics, attitude or verbiage?
  • Become distracted by noise, crowds, bad court conditions or pain?
  • Have difficulty bouncing back from missed shots, double faults or tiebreakers?
  • Feel frustrated when you can't seem to improve your level of play?
  • Become upset when you don't play up to your own standards?
  • Feel frustrated by a blown put away or lost lead?
  • Get upset and stay upset over a bad call?
  • Dwell on winning rather than playing?
If you answered, "yes" to any of these questions–and if you have noticed that these self-limiting behaviors last more than a few moments at a time–give yourself the advantage of sports psychology coaching.