Are you a diehard runner, yet find that self-limiting thinking often gets in the way of performing your best?

Do you...
  • Feel nervous, anxious or sick prior to a race or marathon?
  • Run less skillfully in a competitive event than during practice?
  • Dwell on past mistakes, reliving over and over what went wrong?
  • Get carried away by negative emotions and lose the ability to focus?
  • Feel discouraged when you can't seen to break through to the next level?
  • Become distracted by noise, crowds, adverse weather, or pain?
  • Panic when someone else seems to effortlessly overtake you?
  • Worry about injuring or reinjuring yourself during a run?
  • Feel a loss of enthusiasm or motivation for the sport?
If you answered, "yes" to any of these questions–and if you have noticed that these self-limiting behaviors last more than a few moments at a time–give yourself the advantage of mental skills coaching.